Our Story

ProfessionalMuslim is a global matrimonial web portal for single, professional Muslims. Though the majority of its users are located in UK, North America (US/Canada) and other parts of Europe, our services are available and accessible to Muslim professional singles worldwide.


The concept came to life when a group of friends realized that within each of their respective families, social circles and professional networks was a number of other single Muslims, all looking for something similar – a life partner - yet at the same time, seeking very different attributes within that life partner. For example, where financial security was important to some, having a similar outlook on other aspects such as religion or cultural upbringing was indispensible others. One similarity, however, soon became apparent – single, eligible Muslim professionals everywhere looking to marry are having a difficult time meeting like-minded prospects. Though it was clear that the number of Muslim professionals looking to marry is on the rise, the dilemma remained – how to introduce all these great, eligible matches to each other?


Enter ProfessionalMuslim – a unique matrimonial web portal which connects single, Muslim professionals worldwide with a network of other like-minded individuals for the prospects of marriage. Though we at ProfessionalMuslim truly believe and have faith that marriage is within the hands of Allah (swt), the Best of Providers, we’re also strong advocates of having good intentions and being proactive in one’s search for a life partner– which means actively networking while being clear and honest about oneself and one’s preferences and expectations regarding a potential spouse.


For the creators of ProfessionalMuslim, the concept and project are both personal and close to home. We’ve been there ourselves and realize the importance of assessing compatibility when searching for a spouse. We can also understand the needs and concerns of professional Muslim singles seeking a life partner – which is precisely why the web portal itself is run by Muslims, for Muslims - after all, it takes one to know one! ProfessionalMuslim provides a secure web platform which allows Muslim singles to connect with like-minded individuals in a safe and halal environment.


Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) taught us that marriage helps us to complete half of our “deen” or faith. It is our deepest wish to help single Muslims around the globe achieve this goal and blessing.


We wholeheartedly believe that with positive intentions, proactive outlook and sincere du’a, the match Allah (swt) has intended for you will enter your life and help you to attain peace, success and blessings in both this life and the Hereafter.